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#ArcanaAirdrop #NFT4XAR NFT 4 XAR, Token AirDrop Calling all XARheads to raise the XARmy! Participate in the NFT4XAR Airdrop and stand a chance to win NFTs — that can be redeemed for $XAR Tokens.
Win it. Redeem it.
Follow the Arcana Community to stay updated and view the collection on OpenSea.
Early Supporters Drop

14 Apr

100 NFTs
Phase 1 Drop

24 Apr - 16 May

5500 NFTs
Phase 2 Drop

Coming Soon

4400 NFTs
Phase 1 Ends In






Phase 1 Airdrop is complete, 5400 NFTs claimed
Enter your Polygon wallet address to check if you have won. The NFTs will be minted to your wallet soon!
10,000 Winners
will receive NFTs that act as vouchers redeemable for $XAR tokens post TGE. View the collection on OpenSea.
100 XAR NFT 100 $XAR NFT
NFTs worth 25 $XAR, 50 $XAR, and 100 $XAR to be won.
To participate in the NFT4XAR Airdrop please wait until Phase 2 begins. The Phase 1 drop is now complete.

The XAR Salute

The XARmy is rising, and you can show your support by changing your Twitter profile pictures doing the XAR Salute.

Cross your arms in an X and use the #XARhead


Got questions? Get answers.

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What can I do with $XAR NFTs?
You can redeem them for the equivalent value of $XAR tokens on launch.

When will I receive my NFTs?
NFTs will be airdropped to selected participants at the end of each phase.

How do I find my NFT?
$XAR NFTs are airdropped on Polygon chain. Switch your wallet network to Polygon to find your NFT, alternatively, you can visit polygonscan and enter your public address to check if you received the NFT.

When is XAR launching?
We do not have an official announcement for the token sale and listing of Arcana’s $XAR tokens yet. Follow us on socials to stay updated when we do announce them.

What is Arcana Network?
Visit us on to find out more about what we are building.